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How Much Does A Pet Rabbit Cost: A Detailed Guide

Posted by Daniel on 23 August 2023

So you're interested in owning a pet rabbit but not sure how much it will cost. Have you considered the cost of food, housing, hay, and even medical care if something happens? 

If you've considered the living and maintenance costs, the only thing bothering you is the initial purchase! How much does a pet rabbit cost? 

Rabbits cost $20-$50 on average. This is the price a pet store will offer. Alternatively, you can adopt one from animal rescue shelters for a lower price, around $5-$25. 

Expect to pay more if you plan on getting specific breeds of pet rabbits from a breeder. Common pet rabbit breeds can cost $50 or less. However, rare breeds usually cost more, about $100 or more.

Now you know the price of a rabbit. But it doesn't end here, as there's much to owning a rabbit. Your new bunnies will need supplies! 

This article helps you estimate how much a rabbit costs initially and in the long-term bunny care

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How Much Do Bunnies Cost for Everything?

Upfront Costs:

Before bringing your new rabbit home, you must get a few necessary things. 

Moreover, these items all add to the cost of owning a bunny. See some rabbit core supplies below:

Rabbit Hutch or Cage

Your new rabbit will need a hutch or cage, whether it will be living indoors or outdoors. Moreover, getting an indoor rabbit hutch is more expensive than an outdoor hutch. 

Indoor hutches cost around $50-$400, depending on the quality. Rabbit cages are less expensive items than hutches. Expect to spend about $50-$100 on a rabbit cage, depending on the quality.

Moreover, you’ll need to get a cage with enough space and good flooring. Abnormal flooring like metal grate or wire flooring can cause health problems like sore hocks for your bunny. 


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Food Bowls

Rabbit feeding bowls are very important items that you need to make available beforehand. Your rabbit will need a separate bow for food and one for water. 

Price varies and depends on the quality of food or water bowl that you want to get for your pet. It starts as low as $10.

Nail Clippers

Trimming your rabbit nails is an essential part of rabbit care. Hence, you need to have a pair of rabbit nail clippers available that can always come in handy whenever you need to keep your bunny’s nails short. 

It normally costs as low as $5-$50 to get a pair of animal nail clippers (suitable for rabbits).


Litter Box

If you plan to litter-train your new bunny, then a litter box needs to be available. Litter-training your pet helps reduce how your pet scatters its poop and urine. 

See our complete step-by-step guide to potty training rabbits! A litter box won’t cost you much – about $5-$10 will do!

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Every day, your bunny will need time outside its cage or enclosure. And this is when playpens come in handy. 

Additionally, rabbits need plenty of exercise, so you'll need to provide them with a safe place to run and play. So, playpens are also great rabbit-proofing structures. 

Hence, they are items you might want to get before bringing your new bunny home. Playpens can cost $70 or more.


To have a healthy and happy bunny, keep boredom far away from your pet! Your rabbit should have interactive and fun experiences. And a great way to do this is with toys. 

It could be chewing toys, hanging toys, puzzle toys, or digging toys. Whichever rabbit toy, you will need to get a variety of toys for your new bunny. These can cost you from $20.

Ongoing Costs:

Rabbits live for about 5-10 years on average. And this means you will have to spend on them for a while. Some particular breeds might need more ongoing supplies and care than other rabbits. 

So the monthly cost of having a bunny differs. Generally, here are the things every rabbit owner will be spending on monthly:


A rabbit’s diet mostly consists of hay. And your bunny needs a steady supply of fresh hay every day. 

Mixed-grass hay is just recommended for bunnies. This could be a mixture of timothy hay, orchard grass hay, oat, and meadow hay. 

Getting hay, especially from pet stores, will cost you around $20. However, a cheaper alternative is to get hay for your bunny from local farmers.

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Vegetables and Herbs

Fresh vegetables, especially leafy greens, and herbs, are important additions to your rabbit diet after hay. Rabbits not only love eating leafy greens but also benefit a lot from them. 

This means your rabbit will need it often. What’s more, you can get them from a pet store that deals with rabbit supplies or those of other small animals. 

However, if you grow some of these veggies in your garden, it’s the best and equally saves you money.

Rabbit Pellets

No doubt, a rabbit can have a diet free of pellets. 

Pellets are less important parts of a rabbit's diet but still, help balance the nutrition your rabbit gets. It will cost you around $5 a month.

Litter (Not Litter Box)

Remember, we discussed litter boxes as part of the upfront costs of rabbit care. A litter is different, and you need to change it frequently. 

This litter is the absorbent material placed inside a litter box. Expect to spend as little as $20 on every litter change.

Cleaning Supplies

Hygiene is important in rabbit care. So expect to do some regular cleaning. What’s more, you can’t just use any cleaning materials to tidy up your rabbit's cage or feeding bowls, litter box, etc. 

It’s important that you use pet-safe cleaning materials! They can cost as little as $2 monthly.

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Other Expenses:

Spay and Neuter Surgeries

Your new pet bunny will need to be spayed or neutered, especially if you get it from a breeder. 

A spay or neuter surgery is incredibly important for your rabbit’s health. And it's mostly important for female rabbits. This surgery reduces behavioral issues bunnies have.

They'll be less aggressive and won't mess the whole house with their urine often. Sadly, spay and neuter surgeries can cost you a lot of money, around $300-$600. However, it's worth it!

In addition to this, spaying surgeries for female rabbits are more expensive than neutering surgeries for males. This is because spaying females is more complicated.

What's more, you'll benefit more if you get your rabbit from a rescue center. These spay and neuter their rabbits before allowing any adoptions.

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Pet Insurance

When you get a new rabbit, pet insurance can lessen your worries during times of emergencies such as accidents and illnesses. 

Pet insurance equally helps you save money by slashing vet bills. It can cost about $25 a month for basic coverage. 

Rabbit Proofing Materials

It’s your duty to safeguard your home from your rabbit and your rabbit from your home. Rabbits love to chew stuff and might end up destroying your valuable properties.

Moreover, they can end up chewing on harmful materials that can hurt them. Hence, if you plan to leave your rabbit to roam free around your house too often, then you need to bunny-proof your home. 

It will cost you. These can be an upfront purchase, but you might need to replace them over time. See some bunny-proofing materials and their cost below:

  • Cubes fences ($40)

  • Wire Covers ($15)

  • Scratching Mats ($15)

Is Having a Bunny Expensive? 

There's no denying that pet rabbits can be expensive. These cute creatures require a lot of care and attention. 

Additionally, their diet must be carefully monitored to ensure they're getting all the nutrients they need. 

Furthermore, you should know that you will spend less to own a pet rabbit compared to other common pet animals like dogs or cats. But this doesn’t mean a bunny is a very cheap choice. 

Nevertheless, you can keep the cost of owning a bunny down. See some tips below:

1. Buy in bulk. Purchasing hay, pellets, and other bunny food in bulk can save you money in the long run.

2. Make your rabbit toys and accessories. With a little creativity, you can make many of the toys and accessories your bunny needs at home.

3. Shop around for veterinary care. Not all veterinarians charge the same fees for care, so it's important to shop around to find one that fits your budget.

Related Questions:

money for pet rabbit cost

Why are Rabbits So Expensive?

The cost of a pet bunny varies depending on the type of rabbit, where you purchase it, and whether or not you have it spayed or neutered. 

However, there are some breeds of rabbits that are more expensive than others. For example, fancy or show rabbits can cost hundreds of dollars.

Are Rabbits More Expensive Than Dogs? 

This depends on a few factors, including the type of rabbit you choose and the level of care it requires. Generally, rabbits are less expensive than dogs. 

Rabbits also have different care needs than dogs. For example, adoption fees at animal shelters are typically lower for rabbits than for dogs. You'll also need to purchase less food and supplies for a rabbit than for a dog. 

How Much is a House Rabbit in the UK?

A house rabbit in the UK can cost anywhere from £45 to over £100, depending on the type of rabbit and where you get it from. 

Rabbits are relatively low-maintenance pets, but they still require some care and attention. In addition, owning a rabbit in the UK can cost you up to £1000 yearly. 


To sum up, pet rabbits can be a great addition to any family, but it's important to know how much they will cost you before you make the commitment.

Remember that a pet rabbit costs more if it's a rare breed and needs special care. Moreover, where you buy a bunny from equally how much you'll be getting it.

The initial purchase price is only a small part of the equation – you'll also need to factor in the cost of food, bedding, toys, and veterinary care. All of these are important if you want a happy and healthy bunny.

With all of these costs considered, a pet bunny can still be an affordable option for many families.

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