20 September 2023
Normal Rabbit Urine Colors (And When To See A Vet)

Rabbits need to urinate, just like you and me and even our other pets. But unlike us, a rabbit’s urine can vary in color depending on various factors such as health, hydration, and even diet. This makes it difficult to know if your bunny needs immediate medical attention or has just eaten some greens with […]

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17 September 2023
Gastrointestinal (GI) Stasis (The Silent Rabbit Killer)

If you're a rabbit owner, you need to read this! Did you know that GI stasis is a common health condition that can affect your furry friend's digestive system? It can cause them to stop eating, poop abnormally, and even lead to death if not treated properly. But don't worry, I'm here to help you […]

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16 September 2023
Master Bunny Care (Essential Tips And Advice)

As a rabbit owner, I know bunny care can be a fulfilling yet daunting experience. Unfortunately, many get a rabbit without understanding the responsibility of owning one. To have a healthy pet rabbit, you must provide a safe environment, pay attention to your rabbit's diet, provide mental stimulation, and learn about their specific needs and […]

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8 September 2023
How To Bunny Proof Your Home-A Complete Guide

Naturally, rabbits love to dig and chew on stuff. It's very normal!  Unfortunately, the things around your home are no exception when it comes to their chewing needs. This makes them destructive when moving around your home unsupervised.  Aside from ruining your valuable furniture and possessions, your bunny can also get hurt. Hence, this is […]

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30 August 2023
Can Rabbits Eat Bread? (The Risks, Do's, And Don'ts)

As a rabbit owner, I understand the temptation to offer human food like bread to your rabbit. They are amazingly good beggars, and you might be tempted to give in and feed your bunny a piece of your sandwich. Before you do, though, ask yourself: Can a rabbit eat bread? Rabbits can technically eat bread, […]

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25 August 2023
Can Rabbits Eat Mangoes? (A Guide On Mango Feeding)

As a bunny owner, I know how important it is to provide my rabbits with a varied and nutritious diet, and I know the same goes for you. While hay and fresh greens should be the staple of a rabbit's diet, I also like to offer them some sweet foods like fruits. That brings us […]

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23 August 2023
How Much Does A Pet Rabbit Cost: A Detailed Guide

So you're interested in owning a pet rabbit but not sure how much it will cost. Have you considered the cost of food, housing, hay, and even medical care if something happens?  If you've considered the living and maintenance costs, the only thing bothering you is the initial purchase! How much does a pet rabbit […]

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21 August 2023
The 10 Best Interactive Toys For Rabbits

Bunnies are very social animals. So keeping them engaged and active is always good for their well-being. This is where toys come in handy.  Understand that the best rabbit toys can keep a rabbit active, ones that allow them to keep chewing, digging, foraging, and exploring their natural behaviors.  However, just like humans, rabbits have […]

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18 August 2023
Can Rabbits Eat Spinach? A Guide to Feeding Your Rabbit

As a rabbit owner, it's essential to know what foods are safe and healthy for your furry friend. One question that often comes up is whether rabbits can eat spinach. The short answer is yes, but there are some things to keep in mind. Rabbits can eat spinach, but only in moderation. Spinach is a […]

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12 August 2023
Is My Rabbit Shedding Excessively? (Causes and Solutions)

Why is my rabbit shedding so much? This is a question most rabbit owners ask at some point during their first year of bunny ownership. Most bunny owners panic when they see large clumps of rabbit fur all over the place. Excessive shedding can be a sign of an underlying health problem or a lack […]

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1 August 2023
Can Rabbits Eat Bell Peppers (Or Not)?

Bell peppers are healthy veggies with great flavor that does wonders in salads and many recipes. It's equally full of many healthy nutrients which seems like a good veggie for bunnies.  But you need to be sure about this first. So, can rabbits eat bell peppers? Of course! Bell peppers are a good veggie snack […]

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3 November 2022
12 Tips to Keep Your Bunny Cool In Summer: A Rabbit Survival Guide

Winter is gone and now it's summertime. This means it'll be quite hot. Rabbits aren't good with hear and thus, summer isn't great for bunnies.  If a rabbit feels very hot, it can lead to a serious condition such as heat stroke. And this is a condition your rabbit should not experience. Hence, you have […]

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